About the Program

Institut de Touraine


All coursework will be taught at the Institut de Touraine, a private language school that specializes in French language and culture courses. The Institut, located in the city of Tours, is not far from the famed Place Plumereau. There is easy access to public transportation and students will find themselves in the middle of a vibrant area of cafés, cinemas, restaurants, and shops.

For the 4-week program:

This program is designed for students who wish to complete their intermediate language requirement (FRN 201/202), for those who wish to advance more quickly in French, or for French Majors or Minors who would like to complete 6 units of French credit over the summer. Students must have completed FRN 102 or higher.

Students will take a four-week intensive French course that meets five days a week in the mornings, and several afternoons. You will be asked to take a placement test before you leave for Tours so that you can be placed in the correct level upon arrival. You will be taking classes with other international students from all over the world. You may plan to travel before the session begins or after it ends, but there will be little to time travel during the session. In addition to classes, there will be excursions to local historical sites planned.

For the 8-week program: 

This program is designed for French Majors and Minors who have completed FRN 201 or higher. Majors and Minors are encouraged to take the this program. 

MSU is offering an exciting new opportunity for French Minors to become French Majors by doing the 8-week program in Tours (only 9 credits will soon be needed beyond the French Minor requirements).  

The summer courses are divided into two sessions. All students in the 8 week program will partake in a three-week course on French civilization taught by Institut faculty and given specifically to MSU students. This course will culminate with both an oral and written presentation. Following this course, there will be a week break where students may travel throughout France and/or Europe. Upon their return, students will begin the second academic session: a four-week intensive French course. Toward the end of the first session, students will take a placement exam, the purpose of which is to put them in the proper language course during the second session. Students will be placed according to the Common European Framework guidelines.

Students will not be required to purchase any additional materials, save for normal school supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.). Textbooks and other course materials will be provided by the Institut.

Credits and  Costs

Students will be required to enroll in 6 credits (for the 4-week program) or 9 credits (for the 8-week program). Please see the section on Academics for more information.

The cost of the trip is broken into three categories: program fees, flights and incidentals, and MSU tuition.

  • Program fees include student housing, meals (breakfasts and dinners), excursions and on-site transportation, international health insurance, and administrative fees. The program fees this year will be approximately $3,700 for the eight-week session and approximately $2500 for the 4 week session. [Once the budget is finalized, we will post the exact dollar amounts for the fees.]
  • Flights and incidentals (e.g. passport fees, spending money, bus/tram passes, additional meals, etc.) are estimated at about $3,000.
  • MSU tuition for nine credits varies based on your residency status. Please note that scholarships are available. For an in-state student enrolling in the 8 week program, tuition from the previous Summer (2023) was approximately $5,000. This number varies based on residency, year in school, and length of program. Please see the Student Accounts page for MSU’s current tuition charges.



Student will be placed with French host families during their stay. Families are experienced in hosting students and are able to provide a safe environment in which students will be immersed in French. Additionally, all families are background-checked by the Institut. There will be a housing preference sheet (allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.) that students will fill out to ensure a proper match. Nevertheless, if problems arise with the host family during the stay, all reasonable efforts will be made to resolve the issue(s) or students will have to opportunity to switch families.

Housing includes:

  • 2 meals/day (breakfast & dinner)
  • laundry once/week
  • free wifi in the home
  • a complete and total immersion of language and culture


As part of your learning experience, there will be excursions provided for both the 4- and 8-week sessions. Among them will be trips to several châteaux in the Loire valley. Other planned activities may include a cooking lesson, a visit to the famed Vouvray cave (along with wine tasting), a day trip to Paris or another French city, and a trip to the Mont St. Michel, among others. The exact excursions will be finalized as we get closer to the departure date. MSM