Students will be required to enroll in 6 credits for the four-week program and 9 credits for the eight-week program from the following:

FRN 203 (equivalent of FRN 201)Intensive Intermediate French Abroad I3 cr.
FRN 204 (equivalent of FRN 202)Intensive Intermediate French Abroad II3 cr.
FRN 310Stepping into the 20th Century and Beyond3 cr.
FRN 320Exploring Diversity and Minorities in the Francosphere3 cr.
FRN 350Connecting with the Cultures of the Francosphere3 cr.
FRN 391Topics in French Culture3 cr.
FRN 430Perspectives in the French Language3 cr.
FRN 491Topics in French Culture (required for 8-week program)3 cr.
  • Classes will be held at the Institut de Touraine in le Vieux Tours.
  • Half-day and full-day excursions are offered in conjunction with the program to neighboring cities and castles.
  • Course prerequisites may apply; see Course Descriptions (on the MSU Website) or program leader for details.
For more information on courses and how they will fit into your major/minor, please contact the Academic Advisor for RCS, Ms. Jennifer Gansler. To make an advising appointment please go to: